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FreeNATS extras are additional scripts bundled with the FreeNATS source release that by using one of the interfaces (pluggable test modules, event handlers or the data API) can provide additional functionality to the system.

Unlike standard functionality these will require some more advanced knowledge to configure and install.

The extras are intended to allow more complex tests and output as well as being good starter examples for people to develop their own plug-ins.

See the specific page for an extra to see it's requirements, purpose, installation and configuration instructions.


These are additional tests that can be used (or more complex versions of existing tests)

Advanced Page Test

Performs a more complex http page request with the ability to fail if a number of text items are found or not found.

Dynamic DNS Test

Performs a lookup on a DNS host and compares against the systems external IP address, useful for testing a Dynamic DNS host.


These are custom event handlers to do specific tasks


More Detailed Alerts

Provide additional information in alert action notifications when an alert is opened or closed such as a node summary or other open alerts.

Alerts to Syslog

Provides for an alert action that outputs to the syslog.

Alerts to Console

Provides for an alert action that outputs to the system console.

Alerts to File

Provides for an alert action that outputs to a file (primarily for debug purposes).