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How can you contribute?

You can contribute to FreeNATS in a number of ways...

Help Spread the Word

If you think the system could be useful to others why not blog it, log it, post it or submit it somewhere.

Give Feedback and Make Suggestions

Participate in the automated feedback program and (even better) submit comments, suggestions and feedback (no matter how minor) via the support forum.

The system is very much user-driven in terms of features and future development. Want to see something? Suggest it.

Test and Report Bugs

You don't have to track the development releases to be a bug tester - even the stable version is only a beta and bugs creep through. Report niggly or major bugs here. If you're using the development version and it's working fine let us know through a forum post or automated feedback.

Correct and Add to the Wiki

Anyone can create an account and - once email authenticated - can update pages and create new ones. Fix the millions of errors in the documentation and help the other users understand the mad rantings.

HTML and Logos

Want do to a nice skin wrapper for FreeNATS or how about a nice shiny logo?

Submit Your Modules

Built a nice server-side or node-side test or perhaps a super-funky AJAX Data API wrapper? Perhaps you've just fixed a couple of glaring errors in a file or added totally new functionality to the system. Submit it for inclusion in the general release for little fame and no fortune.

The not-so-legal mumbo-jumbo

FreeNATS is free open-source (GPL licenced) software supported by free (FDL licenced) documentation.

Code Submissions

Code/software submissions must be made under the GPL and obviously you must either be the author or have the express permission to licence the submission thus (i.e. it is already GPL). You are welcome to retain copyright and any notices etc will remain displayed in source code. Prominent credit and copyright notice etc will be given.

Documentation Submissions

Documentation submitted must be done so under the GNU FDL licence (you must either be the author or have permission from the copyright holder to do so). Credit/copyright information can be displayed within the text submitted and will be retained where appropriate.


Anything submitted is done so under a free-use licence and may be altered/repackaged for the system requirements (which may involve copyright notices and such being moved but not deleted or made less prominent in any way).