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The live monitor (accessed through the monitor menu link) is a summary display of all groups and nodes showing their current (last test) status.

This page auto-refreshes every 60 seconds through a http-equiv header.

Clicking on any of the nodes/groups will take you to their respective live status displays (including history options for recorded node tests). Please note that no page other than the main live monitor auto-refreshes.

A drop-down view options box is shown to the right of the display with some rudimentry display filters.

In addition to the live monitor page an alert box will be shown to the right of any FreeNATS page when alerts are present. The alert box will display any nodes for which there are alerts and a link to the node live status display.

By refreshing every 60 seconds the monitor page does not expire its session which is useful for monitor displays but you must be careful from a security viewpoint (or set the site.monitor.keepalive variable to 0).