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Developing With/In FreeNATS

As well as using the data API with external programs you can develop code to add functionality.

Server-Side PHP Scripts

Server-side scripts sit in the relevant server/base/site/* directory and are included on startup if configured.

There are a number of objects and functions available in the environment detailed in the Developing with FreeNATS Reference document.

Server-Side PHP (aka Local) Tests

Server-Side PHP tests add extra test functionality as plug-in modules to the FreeNATS system.

Server-Side PHP (or wrapped) Events

Side-Side PHP events are called when various system events occur

Node-Side Monitoring

Nodeside (node monitoring) Tests

Node-side monitoring is done via a script/program that sits on the node to be monitored either being periodically requested (pulled) by the FreeNATS server or regularly posting (pushing) data to the server.