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Tests which are set as being recorded (see Setting up Tests) can be displayed individually via the "History" link in the relevant node page or with other recorded tests in a service availability report.

Individual Test History

Individual test histories show the historic test results (both the result returned by the test i.e. seconds a web time test took and the alert level generated by this result i.e. passed or failed). Initially the period displayed will be the current day (from 0:00 to 23:59).

A graph is displayed (can be switched off) as well as warning and failure results (and optionally all results including passes) in a table. At the bottom of the page is a summary of the test results found in the specified period (number of valid tests, percentage passed etc).

Clicking on segments of the graph zooms the test period in.

Test Summary

From the Configuration - Overview (or from any individial node for just that node) a summary view can be generated showing the graphical results of any recorded tests in the specified period.

Service Availability Reports

On the Configuration - Views and Reports page is a link to create a service availability report or to run a saved report.

When you choose a new report a page is displayed with all available recorded tests (if loading a saved report the same dialogue is shown but with some tests pre-selected). You can set a time period and some other options before running the report.

The report will generate a service availability %age (not including downtime when the node wasn't scheduled to be tested for example).