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Advanced Page Test / Page Content Checker
Description: Provides a more detailed web page content checker
Requires: Version 1
Type: Test Module
Included: Standard Extras
Version: 0.03 17/08/2009

The advanced page test extra for FreeNATS provides the ability to request a page passing if some text is found and other text is not found.

It returns/records the time taken.


Copy the advanced_page_test.php file from the extras/tests directory into base/site/tests/ (you will also need to enable site test includes).

Configuration and Use

Once installed this test module will provide a local test of "Web Content Test" which can be added to any node and configured through the standard interface.

You can specify a fully-qualified URL (i.e. starting http or https) with optional port (using :port postfix) and optionally a username and password for HTTP-AUTH.

In addition you may specify up to three items of text that must be found and up to three items that must not be found for the test to pass.

For example you could use the following settings:

  • URL: https://www.somesite.com:90/somepage.html
    • would connect via HTTPS to www.sometime.com on port 90 and request /somepage.html
  • Strings 1: Welcome
  • Strings 2: FreeNATS
    • would require the string "Welcome" and the string "FreeNATS" to be found on the page for the test to pass
  • No String 1: MySQL Error
    • would require the string "MySQL Error" was not found for the test to pass

Technical Requirements


FreeNATS version 1