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File Alerts
Description: Outputs alerts to a text file
Requires: Version 1
Type: Event Handler
Included: Standard Extras
Version: 0.01 17/08/2009

The file alert extra for FreeNATS provides the ability to output alerts to a text file.


Copy the file.php file from the extras/events directory into base/site/events/ (you will also need to enable site event includes).


Configuration is not directly supported but you may change options in the code if you know what you are doing.


Once installed and enabled simply create an alert action of the type message queue and the name "_fileoutput" (without the quotes).

Add this alert action to any nodes you desire.

Alert text for this action will now be output (created or appended if exists) to the file /tmp/fndebug

Please note this may not work for testing (test alert action) dependent on your security settings and especially if the file exists but should always work for "live" alerts

Technical Requirements


FreeNATS version 1