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Dynamic DNS Test
Description: Checks a dynamic host against an external IP address
Requires: Version 1
Type: Test Module
Included: Standard Extras
Version: 0.01 14/11/2010

The dynamic DNS test extra for FreeNATS provides the ability to check a hostname against the systems external IP address.


Copy the dynamic_dns_test.php file from the extras/tests directory into base/site/tests/ (you will also need to enable site test includes).

Configuration and Use

Once installed this test module will provide a local test of "Dynamic DNS Test" which can be added to any node and configured through the standard interface.

You specify a hostname and the service used to find your external IP address.

The hostname is usually a Dynamic DNS host such as myhost.dyndns.org. Your systems external IP address is fetched from the configured service and compared against the IP address found when resolving your dynamic hostname.

The test passes (1) if the hostname lookup and external address match, fails (0) if they do not match or fails with a negative code if an error was encountered.

External IP Lookup

You can choose to use the service provided by the PurplePixie XML Apps Gateway or specify your own URL.

PurplePixie will simply return to the test your external IP address (the address from which the request to xml.purplepixie.org comes from).

Your own service must just return a plain string of an IP address to test against the hostname.

Technical Requirements


FreeNATS version 1