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Detailed Alerts
Description: Provides more detailed alerts
Requires: 1.06.0 or later
Type: Event Handler
Included: Standard Extras
Version: 0.01 16/08/2009

The detailed alert extra for FreeNATS provides for more detailed alerts to be sent including a full node status report and list of other open alerts on an alert_open or alert_close event.


Copy the detailed_alerts.php file from the extras/events directory into base/site/events/ (you will also need to enable site event includes).


To configure you will need to edit the detailed_alerts.php file. In here, near the top of the code (after all the comments) is the configuration block.

Change these values to reflect your desired configuration as described in the Usage section below.


Use of detailed alerting involves the use of two alert actions, one as a trigger and the other as the actual output action.

These alert actions are identified by their name (the names are configured in the detailed_alerts.php file, the defaults are used here).

  • Create an alert action of the type message queue and a name of "_detailtrigger" (without the quotes)
  • Create a second alert action with the name "_detailaction" (without the quotes). This can be any type of action and will be used to actually deliver your extended status reports
  • For any node you wish to receive extended reports for add the "_detailtrigger" alert action (do not add the "_detailaction" alert action to the node - this will be used automatically).

To understand this process here is a description of how the detailed alert system works:

  • When an alert is opened or closed for a node this event causes the detailed alert system to run.
  • The detailed alert script checks to see if the node has the trigger alert action (by default named "_detailtrigger")
  • If the node 'does not' have the trigger then no action is performed
  • If the node 'does' have the trigger then a detailed message is created including (if configured) the full status of the node and any other open alerts
  • If a message has been created it is delivered by the configured action (by default named "_detailaction")

Technical Requirements


FreeNATS 1.06.0 or later