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The Language Editor Tool is designed as a simple way for language contributors to see which language elements are missing from a language file and generate a FreeNATS compatible language pack.

Using the Editor Tool

The editor tool must be downloaded (see below) and then installed to a web-accessible directory.


Browse to the language-creator.php file i.e. http://mybox/language-creator.php

Choose the Base and Secondary Files

These are the language packs you wish to work on. The base language is the primary language of development (it's English in the case of FreeNATS). You will probably want to use the very latest release English language package for this i.e. /opt/freenats/server/base/lang/English.en.lang.php

The secondary language file can be one included within FreeNATS already or one you are working on (or indeed a filename that doesn't exist which will start with a blank canvas) i.e. /home/me/stuff/freenats/

Click to load these files.

Edit Elements in Your Language

When the files are loaded three types of elements are identified; existing, missing and orphaned.

  • Existing elements are ones for which there is an entry in the base language and the secondary language e.g. they have already been translated (you can however edit them here if there is a mistake)
  • Missing elements are the ones to concentrate on - there are entries for them in the base language but not yet in the secondary language
  • Orphaned elements are those which only exist in your (secondary) language. This may be a mistake or something from an earlier version. They are probably safe to ignore.

For elements the element id is shown along with the base language text and an edit box for you to put in your translated version of that text. For information on style and specific notations please see the Language Package documentation.

Generate Code

When you have finished making changes for now you can move on and generate the code. This will make a PHP FreeNATS-compatible language pack and display the source code on the screen.

You can either cut+paste this into an editor of your choice to save or click again to write to the specified file.

Please note the script must have write permissions to the destination file.

Blank elements (those without any text) are listed in the file but commented out so they are known to be missing when the file is reloaded into the editor.

Support for the Editor

The editor is supported through standard channels


Please check here for updates to the version you are running. The current version is 0.01

The package is downloadable from