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FreeNATS is a free GNU GPL licenced system providing no guarentee of functionality let alone support.

It is however supported on a best endeavour basis with no promises made at all.

The suggested route for support...

Run the latest version

Bugs are often fixed and not properly change logged or may be a functionality problem solved in a later version.

Search the site and documentation

See if the problem already has a solution or at least a workaround. You might also like to check the bug list and especially the troubleshooting documentation.

Post to the support forum

This is the preferred route to get support. Not because there is a highly active community out there self-patching and supporting (there isn't) but because if a solution is found then it is posted in public straight away. It's also instantly visible to anyone else so avoids multiple reports of the same problem.

Contact me directly

Using the wonders of this online form you can contact me directly. If you need to attach stuff report the problem and I'll email you back (hopefully).

Access On-Site Paid Support

Do you have a mission critical need for FreeNATS debugging or configuration? Are you somewhere other than Suffolk, UK? Do you have a Lear Jet standing by to pick up a crack FreeNATS expert?

If so then you can, with less than some months notice, have the system developer himself on-site.

In addition to expenses the hourly rate varies from any form of narcotic to many tens of thousands of pounds depending on the amount of actual productive work and level of developer cohension/sensibility required.

Simply contact support and our highly eager band of sales people will be falling over themselves to get back to you.