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Utility Links (feature introduced in 1.08.0) are designed to allow easy one-click access to administration tools for your node from within the FreeNATS interface.

You can specify up to three links. Any enabled links will be displayed in the node summary page.

Using this feature you can for example have a link entitled VNC which will go directly to the VNC interface for the node.

Within the URL you may use variables contained within {} braces and in uppercase. The currently supported variables are:

  • {HOSTNAME} uses the hostname configured for the node
  • {NODENAME} uses the node name (not node ID)
  • {NODEID} uses the unique nodeid

These can be used in combination as required. For example:

Assuming the node hostname is and the nodeid is router would go to the URL:

Setting the system variable site.links.newwindow to 1 (default) will open any links in a new window.