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ToDo List

Hopefully updated as we go along


High Priority

Nothing Current

Medium Priority

  • site scripts syntax check with eval prior to inclusion
  • nodeside (pull) to have retries option (probably on a per-site and per-node most-specific model)

Low Priority

  • Installer Utility
  • Better Multi-Run Checking in Test Start to avoid "Test Already Running" (maybe also a reboot-friendly script)
    • Better protection put in place - considering future options
  • Node (and test) interval interface creation default variables
  • Multi-lingual support
    • Language packs now supported and utilised throughout most of the UI
    • Need to work on some areas of core and also plug-in tests and third-parts stuff; how will this work etc
    • Better documentation
  • Persistent Alerts requiring user action to close (examination of possibility of core or event coding)
  • Watchdog checking tests have run/are running as they should
  • HTTP-AUTH (and maybe consider other module-driven authentication methods?)

Previous User-Suggested/Driven Modifications

Scheduling, Backup, Gridlines, phpMailer (SMTP relaying), customisable status texts, customisable spawn settings, spreadsheet-style config overview, custom alert closed text, mysql data test, udp test, tcp timeout tests, alert action schedules, icon directory scan, master nodes, custom subjects, node utility links (diagnostic and connection options)

  • firstrun Sanity-Check for interactive sessions
    • Resolved - in testing
  • .htaccess in web directory issue
    • Resolved - in testing

...and much more (most of the cool features)