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RSS (Really Simply Syndication) is a standard way of feeding updates to your browser or to a wide number of feed-readers.

FreeNATS (as of version 1.12.0) supports RSS feeds for node alerts.

Setting up Feeds

The RSS management option is found in the System Settings - System Administration section. From here you can create, delete and edit your RSS feeds.

Feeds have three key elements: a key, a type and a range.

The Key

RSS Feeds in FreeNATS are unauthenticated - they just rely on a complex URL including a key. This key will be auto-generated for you when you create a feed (and you can of course change it).

The RSS Feed URL shown will include any key and the feed ID. These must be provided for the feed to work correctly.

Type of Feed

The type of feed determines which nodes will be covered by the RSS feed. There are three options:

  • All Enabled Nodes - all nodes that have the enabled option checked will be included
  • Single Node - just the specified node will be included
  • Group - all the nodes in the group selected will be included

Range/Scope of Feed

The range/scope primarily determines the timeframe which will be reported in the feed. Options are:

  • Last X Days - all alerts for the selected nodes in that period
  • Last X Alerts - the last X alerts covering all nodes selected
  • Current Alerts - all current or open alerts only for the selected nodes
  • Last Alert for Each Node - for the selected nodes the last alert will be provided