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Example Graph Output

Output from directly calling the test.graph.php script.

All the examples shown are in the same data range.

Standard Output


The standard output is shown over the last 24 hours. With no other options specified the drawing style defaults to track and spikes (drawing a line under only on failure/warning events). The rangemax is set to the highest value in the data and rangemin usually always zero.

Data Ranges


Setting rangemax=0.3 with the data generates the graph above (the maximum Y axis value is 0.3 and values above that are "above" the top of the graph).


Setting rangemaxmin=0.3 has no affect as the highest data value is above 0.3 so generates the same graph as standard output.


Setting rangemax=2.0 puts the top Y axes value above the data range


Setting rangemaxmin=2.0 results in the same graph as rangemax=2.0 (unlike using rangemaxmin and rangemax 0.3) as the highest data item is under 2.0.

Drawing Styles


With draw_spike=0 set


With draw_track=0 set


Colours specified to create a white-on-black display