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The firstrun.php script is used to setup your FreeNATS database on installation or upgrade. This file should be renamed to firstrun-.php for normal operation of your system otherwise a malicious attack could damage your FreeNATS installation.


As of 1.10.1 FreeNATS will display a prominant security warning on configuration pages where the firstrun.php file has not been renamed.

Disable the Warning

Although not recommended you can disable the warning by setting the system variable site.firstrun.ignore to 1.

Renaming the File

You should rename the file to firstrun-.php (anything other than firstrun.php will stop operation but that is the recommended name to be overwritten with future installations or updates

FreeNATS Virtual Appliance

  • login to the appliance console as root and execute the following commands:
    • cd /srv/www/html
    • mv firstrun.php firstrun-.php

FreeNATS Source Install

Navigate to your FreeNATS web directory (such as /var/www/html/freenats or wherever it has been installed) and rename firstrun.php to firstrun-.php