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You can add your own custom evaluators which test the result against values you specify by selecting if the return value is equal to, less than or above a specified value. This results in an alert level.

When a rest result is returned it is tested against all the evaluators and the worst result taken of any it has matched. Please note that many tests return a 0 or negative number on failure so it should be accounted for.

You must uncheck the Simple Evaluation option (and save test settings) for your complex evaluators to be used.

If we had a web time test we could add the following evaluators:

   * Equal To 0 - Failed
   * Less Than 0 - Failed
   * Greater Than 5 - Warning
   * Greater Than 10 - Failed

This would cause a failure if the test totally failed, a warning if it took longer than five seconds and a failure if longer than ten (the test would pass with a test return of between zero and five seconds).

When tests fail they generate alerts which are discussed in more detail in the alerts and alert actions section of the documentation.