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Direct Logins to FreeNATS

You can directly login to FreeNATS with the credentials in the URL (if you absolutely must it's a risk from a security point of view as your credentials are stored in browser history).

GET/Query Variables

  • fnun username
  • fnpw password
  • url optional URL to go to after login


http://myserver/freenats/?fnun=user&fnpw=secret Will log into the interface with a username or user and a password of secret. On success you will just be directed to the main overview page like any standard login.

http://myserver/freenats/?fnun=user&fnpw=secret&url=monitor.php Will log you in with the same credentials but direct the browser to monitor.php (the live monitor)

Note you can URL encode a detailed URL into the url parameter if required e.g.

node.php?nodeid=mynode URL codes as node.php%3Fnodeid%3Dmynode

So the URL http://myserver/freenats/?fnun=user&fnpw=secret&url=node.php%3Fnodeid%3Dmynode

Will log you in as user/secret and direct you to the node page for the nodeid mynode.