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The logwatch.php tool allows you to view historic and real-time system event log information from FreeNATS. It is in the server/bin directory of the install.

FreeNATS logwatch System Log Watcher Tool
Usage: php logwatch.php [-f] [-c count] [-l level] [-d delay]   

Displays the last system event log items and optionally will
continue to monitor the log for new events.

 -f follow - continue to display output
 -c count - display this many previous entries initially
            defaults to 20
 -l level - only displays log levels of this level or below
 -d delay - pause this many seconds between database fetches
            when using -f (defaults to 2 seconds)


php logwatch.php

Will display the last 20 system log entries

php logwatch.php -f -c 5 -l 3

Will display the last 5 event entries with a level of 3 or below (serious problem or worse). Will continue to follow (-f) the log until interrupted, checking the database every 2 seconds to see if there are new entries and displaying them (again only entries with a log level of 3 or below).