iArray - An associative array for Javascript

iArray is a JavaScript class to facilitate some basic level of associative arrays.

Associative arrays are data arrays in which the are associated with a key value rather than just a numeric index. Many languages such as PHP already support such data types. In effect it allows you to keep an array of arbitary data objects accessible by a name (the key) rather than having to store (and keep current following deletion or insertion) the index.

Index-Based Array    Associative Array
0 = Hello            first = Hello
1 = There            second = There
2 = World            third = World

In this example we would refer to 'There' in the index array by calling the index(1) and in the associative array with the key value 'second'.

The iArray object allows you to refer to an element by index or key value as shown in the documentation.

iArray is entirely free for use under the GNU General Public Licence version 3 (or later as you wish).