28/07/2008: Mailing List 28/07/2008

Dear FreeNATTER,

How are things? I hope you and your network is well and that none of your fire suppression bottles have done a Quantas.

1. Major VM Bug

Users of the Virtual Appliance may have found problems with IMAP tests as it turns out the VM PHP doesn't have IMAP support. Thanks to Matt for reporting the problem and testing the solution. Thanks go to Ole for the solution. Apologies to all for the problem. If you want to update your VM to run IMAP tests please see the following news post:


2. Version 1 in Development Releases

Version 1 will (in a few minutes) be in the standard development release tree for alpha testing. From this point onward version 1 will be released as main development releases as it progresses. There are many new features with varying levels of completeness/complexity for you to break the system with or if you don't use any of the newer stuff then it should just be a slightly nicer UI for use as a simple tester.

Some of the new features include: write your own plug-in PHP tests and event handlers, nodeside monitoring for Win32 and *ix, saveable availability reports, direct SMTP mail delivery and more API functionality.

Documentation for version 1 is in a wiki which you are welcome to correct/update/expand if you want. Please see the following before upgrading:


Virtual Appliance users can only upgrade to the current stable release via the auto-upgrade script with the VM. If you want to try development versions on your VM then please see:


3. Dodgy Links in Google

As I have mentioned before a couple of kind souls have blogged FreeNATS helping to build visibility. Self-searching google to see how FreeNATS was now comparing to it's dodgy German sister-site I thought I had found a new FreeNATS link on a Polish site. Oh no. Actually though the abstract shown from google is from a forum posting I did on the DNS API the site (and the cached copy!) launch into triple-dodgy .exe download sites. Luckily I was browsing under Linux at the time!

So... Beware of dodgy Polish sites offering FreeNATy gifts as well as continuing to beware of dodgy German sites offering something completely different.

As always please report any problems you encounter or make any suggestions through the forum or website feedback link.

Kind Regards,


Forum: http://forum.purplepixie.org/viewforum.php?f=3

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