26/05/2009: Mailing List 260509


Greetings to you one and all. I hope your networks continue to be strong and mighty and that you are still finding the system useful.

* Broken Releases *

It seems that in my haste to move to a newer version of MySQL I failed to take into account differences in how the schema dumps work and when you combined this with a change of development platform/environment it led to a couple of oddly broken releases.

Apologies to anyone affected by this (bless the alpha release cycle) and please note normal service should now be restored following a few tweaks here and there to the packing/release scripts.

Special thanks to Paul Landers for inadvertently finding this problem.

* Master Nodes *

Anyone using them in-the-wild? Do they do what they say on the tin?

Any comments, suggestions or feedback on this appreciated prior to the next beta release which will now happen in early June. Perhaps.

* Spim Spam *

Spammers seem to have discovered the forum and have taken to randomly posting all sorts of dubious stuff mainly linked to acts that will make you go blind.

In case you were wondering this is not official PurplePixie provided advertisements.

I've updated to the latest phpBB in the hope of stopping them (I presume some captcha workaround came out) but apologies in the meantime if you saw something that warped your fragile mind.

* Why No Releases *

Bored at work and wondering why your least favourite piece of network monitoring software hasn't seen any updates for a while?

Why not check out my shiny new blog all about the ins and outs of daily life as a VSO IT volunteer in Namibia. From it you can find out such awesome news as my pipes are leaking and similar.


I may even throw in a bit of FreeNATS stuff if the urge takes me and I really have nothing publicly suitable to write about life here.

* Mailing List the Second *

This is the first mailing list sent through the all-powerful new email delivery network known as google mail. Previously it was packaged up and punted through sendmail on a local machine which in todays world of ultra-fascist mail filters led to many bounces.

Perhaps google will do better.

As always I appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions via the website or forum.

Kind regards,


Web: http://www.purplepixie.org/freenats/
Forum: http://forum.purplepixie.org

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