28/04/2009: Mailing List 28/04/2009


I hope all is well in your world both physical and virtual. I am writing this from sunny Namibia where the sun always shines (apart from when it doesn't) and the cockroaches are the size of sheep.

* Birthdays *

In March FreeNATS turned one (they grow up so quick) and in April I turned thirty. This means I can more than ever fail to understand young people of today and lecture them about never having had it so easy. What fun.

* Support and Development *

As you may have noticed support has become even patchier since I came to Namibia as I only have broadband access at work and a single laptop to do everything on (yes, pity me). Development has also fallen a bit by the wayside.

In May I hope to get a chance to merge the current alpha features (mainly master nodes) into the main release and document them properly. This will be a first attempt at generating a release from Nam which given the fact FTP simply doesn't seem to work via NamTelecom and I'll need to hack round my own implemented MySQL security should be fun.

Watch this space.

* The Future *

So... how is it going with FreeNATS? Any features you would like to see or cool tests you have written to plug in?

Please let me know on the forum or via the feedback link on the website.

* Help Please *

I am truly grateful to people who have contributed so far to the project and most of them are named and shamed on the website.

What I could really do with at the moment given my bandwidth limitations is someone to package up and upload VMs. I have no idea how long it would take from here to upload a VM image but I'm guessing actually until the end of time.

I could also do with some screenshots, the cooler the better, showing FreeNATS v1 running so I can get around to replacing the outdated ones on the site. Oh and the site could do with a redesign from someone who actually knows HTML and/or has some skill in that area (as I sadly lack it).

Anyone interested - get in touch via the feedback bit on the website.

* Random Facts *

The automated feedback system has received just in excess of 750,000 individual usage data reports from just over 1,500 unique hosts.

Thanks to everyone who participates.

Kind Regards and I hope you still find the system useful,


Support Forum: http://forum.purplepixie.org

Feedback Link: http://www.purplepixie.org/freenats/feedback.php

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