By downloading FreeNATS you agree to be bound by these licence conditions

This is open software and your suggestions and bugs are encouraged either in the forum or directly.

We strongly advise you to subscribe to the RSS feed as updates come thick and fast (we hope). There is also a mailing list to which all major news and updates will be posted.

Once you have downloaded the software/appliance please see the online documentation.

Upgrading users see the change log and update documentation.

Please note we are currently trialling a new Virtual Appliance version and also a FreeNATS Docker Container which you might like to check out.

Download Virtual Machine

Tarball Format: vm-freenats-4b.tar.gz (261 Mb)

VerrotechEurope (UK)HTTP

ZIP Format: (261 Mb)

VerrotechEurope (UK)HTTP

The FreeNATS virtual appliance is built on the rPath LAMP virtual appliance.

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