Change Log

1.30.18a2024-05-15Icons path changed to natsicons for apache alias issue

1.30.17a2024-05-14Config loads with silent exception to allow for firstrun when fnconfig does not exist

1.30.16a2024-05-14IMAP test check removed now Laminas is supported

1.30.15a2024-05-14NaN errors with microtime() fixed throughout project
Code formatting updates for web folder

1.30.14a2024-05-09Restructured third party libraries
Added Laminas Mail
Added Laminas Stdlib
Added WebMozard Assert
Added IMAP option to use Laminas even if imap_open supported

1.30.13a2024-05-09sizeof changed to strlen in certain tests

1.30.12a2024-05-09SQL defaults and nulls updated for stricter SQL

1.30.11a2024-05-09SQL defaults updated
microtime not-a-number issues fixed x 2

1.30.10a2024-05-08Live monitor error resolved
SMTP non TLS negotiation configuration option added

1.30.9a2024-05-08Fixed xattr in tar for mac build
Fixed several issues including config save problems for update

1.30.7a2024-05-08Build change to remove xattr from tar
Defaults for nodeicon set

1.30.6a2024-05-07Updated ppping to bring inline with newer release (but remained custom)

1.30.5a2024-05-07SMTP SSL certificate checking removed from phpmailer

1.30.4a2024-05-07Custom change to myrug for empty but non-NULL defaults

1.30.3a2024-05-07Updaded phpMailer to 6.9
Fixed AA defaults issue
Fixed PHP constructor issue in

1.30.2a2024-05-03Added fnviews and other missing items to packaged SQL

1.30.1a2024-05-03Merge PR fixing RSS constructor bug

1.30.0a2024-05-01Updated constructors
Fixed formatting
Few PHP issues fixed

1.20.2a2018-11-15Switches added to tester script to allow:
--forcerun - ignore FreeNATS suspension, node schedule, already running tests
--forcetests - ignore due times (frequency) on node and tests, run all enabled tests

1.20.1b2018-11-14Fixed build pipeline for mysqli and macOS enrivonment which caused error in 1.20.0b release in schema update SQL

1.20.0b2018-03-16Beta for changes in 1.19.2 and 1.19.3
Include PR from simonf7 fixing typos and other small bugs

1.19.3a2017-09-01Updated test-threaded to escape the nodeid as appropriate in calling tester (issue 2)

1.19.2a2017-09-01Schema updates to add NULL and defaults

1.19.1b2017-08-31Fixed remote script bug for mixed-content warnings (protocol now //) - for news, update, error, ping

1.19.0a2017-06-27Changed from godev (pull request 13): list in live monitor, node id in email subject, favicon

1.18.0b2017-05-05Bugfix nslast test (github issue 12)
Stable beta rollup

1.17.7a2017-04-11Changed wrong method name (mysqli_set_options to mysqli_options) in the MySQL test

1.17.6a2017-02-27Groups not limited correctly following ordering bug fix

1.17.5a2017-02-27Variable site.tester.suspended added
UI and tester script support for suspended tests
Screen shows warning on admin pages when suspended

1.17.4a2017-02-27Fixed node ordering bug in group.php (issue 9)

1.17.3a2017-02-16Update dns test to remove unreachable break statement that breaks on PHP 5.6 by causing a fatal

1.17.2a2017-02-16Fixed bugs in restricted user visibility - groups view, config and custom summaries

1.17.1a2017-02-15NSLast data test (for evaluation)

1.17.0a2017-02-15Various changes throughout - copyright
Added support for restricted user - new table and fields
Admin interface for user restrictions (extended)
Various views updated to limit visibility

1.16.3a2016-07-06Fixed test.graph to work correctly with mysqli

1.16.2a2016-07-01Nodespace disc issue fixed in posix nodeside script (nodeside v 0.09)

1.16.1a2016-07-01Fixed bug with blank node names in summary

1.16.0a2016-07-01Updated core system to use mysqli (NATS::DB, all the SQL admin, etc) - all core uses of FreeNATS interface/system
Updated mysql test to use mysqli
Updated build system to resolve meta files issue
Updated build system to include SQL schemas (missing from previous new style builds)

1.15.0a2016-02-07new build system

1.14.2a2014-04-16Test graph default transparency implemented for views etc

1.14.1a2014-04-16Transparency support for graphs

1.14.0a2011-11-11Ru and It language packs
DOCTYPE implemented

1.13.3b2011-07-09Added some missing language elements
Tweaked error reporting to allow viewing of errors if auto reporting is set
Included version reporting in page error reports

1.13.2b2011-07-08mail.smtpsecure implemented for SSL SMTP connections
1.13.0a and 1.13.1a changes into beta

1.13.1a2011-04-13UTF-8 Content-type enabled for multi-lingual support
BID263 resolved with import.php

1.13.0a2011-03-02LDAP Test Added

1.12.2b2011-02-20Beta roll up of features and fixes from 1.11.2a to 1.12.1a

1.12.1a2011-01-30Implemented CheckUpdate2 on main page (async script support with loading animation)
Implemented FreeNATS new feed on main page (async with option to turn off)

1.12.0a2011-01-30RSS feeds for alerts implemented
Categories in the system settings
Full PHP info available for CLI and Web in System Status
Two new internal functions in TFreeNATS

1.11.2a2011-01-29Improved UDP Test Checks for Response or Timeout

1.11.1b2011-01-29Beta roll up of features and fixes from 1.09.3 to 1.11.0

1.11.0a2011-01-11HTTP-AUTH implemented (site.auth = http to enable)
Copyright notice updated for 2008-2011

1.10.3a2011-01-11IMAP Test Updated for Correct Failure Modes (BID251)
SMTP Test Updates for Correct Failure Modes (BID252)

1.10.2a2010-11-14Dynamic DNS Lookup Test included in Extras Package

1.10.1a2010-11-14Firstrun security warning implemented
Page errors detected and displayed/reported
Some missing language elements put into English

1.10.0a2010-10-17Language pack support (nats.lang)
UI updated so core functions use language packages not hard-coded text
Some UI tweaks

1.09.6a2010-08-13Monitor popup display now goes to node on double-click
Help text improved

1.09.5a2010-08-13Bugfix in backup screen size display
Display bug tweak in monitor popup
Monitor popup now on by default

1.09.4a2010-07-10Monitor popup (hidden for dev testers only)

1.09.3a2010-07-10Win32 nodeside (node.vbs) v3 in release (adds running processes)
GPC workarounds for SQL interface and also node editing

1.09.2b2010-04-10Roll up alpha features and fixes from 1.06.4 to 1.09.2

1.09.1a2010-04-05Fixed BID230 custom timeouts causing failure (incorrect ini call in PHP)

1.09.0a2010-02-28ICMP/Ping tests moved to using ppping 0.01 rather than internal code
Environment checker now tests for different Web and CLI functionality and for PHP-CLI
Screen bug fix (footer copyright notice)

1.08.2a2010-02-01ICMP ping more robust

1.08.1a2010-01-22ICMP ping now checks return is echo_reply not icmp_error

1.08.0a2009-11-24Node utility links added

1.07.0a2009-11-23Install and upgrade scripts updated for reply option depreciated from cp

1.06.3a2009-11-22Web test fopen (no CURL) now spoofs as MSIE 4.0b2 to force IIS to use HTTP/1.0 only

1.06.2a2009-11-20Test history should have calculation based on correct interval and not shown for ns push

1.06.1a2009-10-01Extras package first release
Additional core code API functionalities
UI tweaks

1.05.1a2009-07-28Last test value can be provided in alert messages using site.alert.showvalue and site.alert.showtext
Alert failure text now uses standard site.* configurable model

1.04.8a2009-06-27Nodeside tests sorted by testtype
Implementation of UUID for tracker (1.04.7)
Fixed small display bug so proper description for nodeside shown in node.php

1.04.6b2009-06-04bug fixes from alpha into beta
master nodes into beta

1.04.5a2009-05-24SQL Update Bug Fixed

1.04.4a2009-05-22phpmailer auth variable bug fixed

1.04.3a2009-05-21phpmailer v 5.0.0 incorporated

1.04.2a2009-05-07Fixed minor warning bug when editing dynamic test objects
Changed UI in localtest.edit slightly

1.04.0a2009-04-28Help improved

1.03.1a2008-12-13Master nodes implemented for testing

1.02.4b2008-12-08Beta release incorporating development to 1.02.3a

1.02.3a2008-11-13Indexes added (notably to fntestrun)
Node deletion cleans more up
Test sessions will be closed by the next tester (after 1 hr or test.session.limit seconds)

1.02.2a2008-11-13Bug fix (node deleted and alert remains)

1.02.1a2008-11-12Added site.monitor.keepalive variable

1.02.0a2008-11-08Fixed scheduling bug causing tests to run

1.01.10a2008-10-29Define variables for email alert long and short subjects
Define variables for long email header and footer content

1.01.9a2008-10-15Dynamic icon directory scan

1.01.8a2008-10-03Small code change to alert code

1.01.7b2008-09-25Fixed TCP connect timeout

1.01.6b2008-09-24New MySQL test - MySQL Data added
UI tweak to allow large test interval values

1.01.5b2008-09-23iPhone interface added

1.01.4b2008-09-21Very small UI glitch on schedule screen fixed (no end bold tag)

1.01.3b2008-09-19Alpha Testing Completed (we hope) - beta test and made current

1.01.2a2008-09-17site.text.closed implemented for alert closed messages

1.01.1a2008-09-14Spreadsheet-style config summary for nodes

1.01.0a2008-09-13TCP Test modularised
UDP Test added
Schedule support for alert actions added
Bug fixes included in 0.04.31b

0.04.31b2008-09-13Scheduling Bug Fixed

0.04.29a2008-09-11Alert bug should be fixed

0.04.28a2008-09-05Fixed closed alerts failing to be sent if warnings unticked bug

0.04.27a2008-09-04Monitor cookie problem hopefully resolved

1.00.12a2008-08-18Session handler tweaked for custom authentication

1.00.11a2008-08-13Magic quotes stripping for XML now in the import tool as well

1.00.10a2008-08-12Nodeside XML magic quotes support

1.00.9a2008-07-29File manager tweaked

1.00.8a2008-07-29Backup Manager

1.00.7a2008-07-28Controllable Intervals
Gridlines on Graphs
Nodeside testing support
Modular tests and events
File manager
Saveable availability reports
Various UI changes

0.04.26a2008-07-01Patched DNS tests to support PHP 4

0.04.24a2008-06-26Changes to how the graph plots
Some additional help fields added

0.04.21a2008-06-24Added test.interval value

0.04.20a2008-06-24Implemented group and testdata API query types

0.04.19a2008-06-24API query test now supports time periods etc
Implemented optional site.graph.key functionality

0.04.18a2008-06-23Last run and values put into the API data and incorporated into fnnode

0.04.17a2008-06-23API concept implemented for JS and XML for three query types

0.04.16a2008-06-21DNS Tests (host and complex query direct to nameserver) added
DNS query console added to the admin interface

0.04.15b2008-06-18Minor UI bug fix with the screen footer

0.04.14b2008-06-17Removal of some debug text etc
Small UI tweaks to CSS

0.04.13a2008-06-17UI changes to monitor - now keeps style in a session cookie

0.04.12a2008-06-17Changed way average test value is worked from valid to passed for history and report
Default test.spawndelay set in SQL at 1s (code default still no delay)

0.04.11a2008-06-16Implemented test.spawndelay variable which is the delay in seconds test-threaded waits between spawning tests (no before the first or after the last). Defaults to no delay if unset.

0.04.10a2008-06-15CURL read timeout supported as well as connect timeout

0.04.09a2008-06-14Report uses GET so specific reports can be bookmarked

0.04.08a2008-06-14Service availability reporting implemented - linked to from main page

0.04.07a2008-06-14Node display now shows tests in execution order.
Pre-DNS resolution (or caching) for most test types now implemented.

0.04.06a2008-06-13Local tests execute in the same order displayed in node tests in node.edit

0.04.05a2008-06-09Changes to the view.edit UI
Added very sparse custom summary option off the main page

0.04.04a2008-06-09Added new test support into retries section of the script

0.04.03a2008-06-09Trying pre-resolution of DNS of hostname within the URL of web time tests to see if this improves consistency

0.04.02a2008-06-08Various UI enhancements with styles

0.04.01a2008-06-08Added new IMAP, SMTP and MySQL (rows and connect times) tests

0.03.02a2008-06-08Implemented CURL library for http tests (if available)
Ping using new timer and no longer including send-time
Ping/ICMP now available in ms results by setting test.icmp.returnms to 1
UI changes - icons in some displays for edit/delete etc
Graph updated to allow much better user control and custom settings

0.02.75a2008-06-06Implemented test.icmp.returnms to return MS rather than sec.
Sequence changes to ICMP test to avoid sending of data being included in the timeframe.

0.02.74a2008-06-03Fixed bug with scheduling not showing in the admin list

0.02.73a2008-06-03Implemented schedules on a per-node basis. Managd through the admin page, selected in the node edit dialogue. Updated the core tester script to support scheduling.

0.02.72a2008-06-03Minor bug fix in welcome page and two small UI tweaks

0.02.71a2008-06-01Views moved out of development - visible to all users within the system
Many very minor UI tweaks

0.02.70a2008-06-01Test name and group name lookups in view editor and move before functionality in view editor

0.02.69a2008-05-31Added some better test session controls through the admin interface.
Added the ability to mark a test session as finished through the testrun page to avoid hanging.

0.02.68a2008-05-31New database index support from myrug 2. Indexes should support much faster graphs, summaries and other historic displays.

0.02.66a2008-05-31Added new site.text variables to allow custom language for passed/failed messages

0.02.65a2008-05-31Added support for colons and dashes to be turned on and off in views

0.02.64a2008-05-31First use of new schema.update.sql with CREATE INDEX. Should have a much faster response for graphs and other historic items of data.

0.02.36a Updated firstrun to support the new experimental upgrade process

0.02.35a Changed local test create action to return to the node edit screen following a user bug report. It was unclear the test had already been created and so clicking save gave an error. Save message also changed to reflect that nothing may have changed.

0.02.33a Added upgrade SQL files though not in the firstrun scripts. Other minor changes

0.02.32a Added usage tracker and version checker (updates available) from .31.

Added welcome page and firstrun variable, various other fixes

0.02.30a New shell-install and vm-upgrade shell scripts to manage fresh installs and/or file upgrades

0.02.28a Added remote ping and testrand tests

0.02.27a Added zoom functionality in the history mode and other bits

0.02.25a Added alert option for node so it gets tested but alerts aren't generated. Added some help. Various other minor changes.

0.02.24a Altered test script so if it skipped tests (after a ping failed) all tests are set (and recorded if applicable) as a return value of zero and a level of -1 (untested). This means they will show as untested in the last run rather than passed from the last run they were tried in.

0.02.22a Added simple 24hr and day summary page and lnks

0.02.21a Fixed track line not plotting in the right time order (jagged line problem) - BID114

Note: For long periods this project is without change logs