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This is documentation for legacy version 0.x releases. If you are using 1.x see the wiki.
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FreeNATS is a free network testing system written in PHP and requiring Apache and MySQL. The system is Copyright © 2008 PurplePixie Systems (www.purplepixie.org) and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (version 3).

In addition to the software being available for download the system is available as a pre-configured rPath Linux Virtual Appliance for VMWare environments.

FreeNATS currently supports the following test methods:

The system can be configured to evaluate test results against user defined values to determine the result (you can set the time after which a web test is deemed to be a warning or a failure) and have events (optionally including alerts being closed when a service is restored) notified to you by email in a variety of formats (including email to SMS compatible).

FreeNATS is still a developmental system and only alpha releases are available. User feedback is very important and any comments/bugs/suggestions can be raised via www.purplepixie.org/freenats

System Requirements

The system is available both as a source installation (PHP) and pre-installed and configured on an rPath LAMP based virtual appliance. Source Requirements

Posix Environment (Linux, UNIX, BSD etc)
PHP 4 or 5 (with MySQL and GD)
MySQL 3, 4 or 5
Low level socket permissions (for ping test)

Virtual Appliance Requirements

Any VMWare product on any host hardware or operating system.

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