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This is documentation for legacy version 0.x releases. If you are using 1.x see the wiki.
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System Administration

Using the administration page users with the appropriate privilege are able to control and configure the FreeNATS system and environment as well as check for updates.


Users can be created, modified and destroyed. An administrator user can access all functionality, power users can create and edit notes/tests but cannot view the administrator interface and normal users can only read/view node and test information.

Test Sessions

Through this interface you can view the raw test run output (clicking run/XXX on the left) or the relevant system log entries for the test run (system logs on the right).

Alert Actions

Alert actions (described in the alerts and alert actions section of the documentation) can be created and modified here.

System Logs

The system logs contain relevant system information to the appropriate log level (configured as a variable - see below). Through the log interface the system log can be filtered for event level (0 is fatal, 10 is debug info only), module or event type.


Variables control the system. To delete a variable simply save it with a blank variable name.

Admin SQL Console

If the site.enable.adminsql variable is set (1) then admin users can access the admin SQL console. This will execute SQL directly on the database using the configured FreeNATS SQL user/pass/db settings.

This can be used for debugging and manual node alternations etc...

Warning: this is advanced functionality and misuse could well cause a major system fault.

System Status

The system status display allows admin users to view some important FreeNATS information on the status of the underlying database and some other items. You can also optimise tables with shown freespace through this interface.

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