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BID212freenatsReported error that doing an rPath appliance update will remove ...Current
BID258freenatsIn nodes list (main.php) if there is no node name then you canno...Current
BID253freenatsUDP test returns passed when port is closed. Issue identified.Current
BID263freenatsLive import fails with redeclare hdisp() errorCurrent
BID114freenatsIn versions prior to 0.02.21a graphs may display with a "zi...Resolved
BID122freenatsOn the VM image (and other register globals environments) click-...Resolved
BID123freenatsUsers can be duplicated and running the upgrade script will caus...Resolved
BID124freenatsClicking in to zoom breaks the "should have" feature in the hist...Resolved
BID138freenatsUsers can put spaces into node and group names which then stop c...Resolved
BID140freenatsWeb time test is returning false alerts. This has hopefully been...Resolved
BID143freenatsUsers were not receiving any text with alert closed reports, jus...Resolved
BID148freenatsEarly tests may return higher result times than later sequences ...Resolved
BID151freenatsService availability reports are using the incorrect period for ...Resolved
BID158freenatsIn sendmail-based environments (such as the VM) where sendmail i...Resolved
BID159freenatsDNS tests (in the stable release 0.04.25b) are causing parse err...Resolved
BID165freenatsIMAP tests cause the tester to hang on the VM. The VM doesn't ha...Resolved
BID184freenatsNodeside POSIX monitoring erroniously reports 10 percent used on...Resolved
BID198freenatsTest interval not accounted for in the "should have" section of ...Resolved
BID230freenatsMySQL tests will fail (and bring other tests in that run down) w...Resolved
BID242freenatsBackup option incorrectly shows size in Mb rather than KbResolved
BID251freenatsIMAP test may report passed when the service is down and the tes...Resolved
BID252freenatsSMTP test may report passed when the service is down and the tes...Resolved

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