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Welcome to the ViQ Interactive Questionnaire Homepage

What is ViQ?
ViQ is a system that will create, execute/display and act on/record the results of a set of questions. In its simplest form (which is available for free) ViQ can be used to create and manage a set of questionnaires, record the results of users completing the questions and (to some extent) analyse or export that data.

What is ViQ used for?
The core engine of ViQ and some of the associated methods are used by the developers elsewhere in systems involving dynamic rendering. The ViQ Free Use Edition can be installed by anyone (or used by anyone with access to a ViQ Free Use Edition installation) and used to manage online questionnaires of various types.

Can I use ViQ?
The ViQ Free Use Edition can be used under a GPL licence. There are also some online demos in the free use edition section of the site.

Documentation & Support | Free Use Edition

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