saidel Suspicious and Illegal File Deleter

saidel is a utility to find and delete suspicious and illegal files e.g. those left by a virus infection that windows can't delete because the filenames are illegal (and windows is poor). In the past I've always had to mount the drive on a Linux or Mac and then delete them but this utility should be able to find and delete them.

Download - Current Version 0.00

saidel.exe - executable for download

saidel.cpp - C++ source code for saidel

Usage Instructions
Usage: saidel [options] [/path PATH]
 /prompt | /noprompt - prompt for each file (default yes)
 /delete | /nodelete - delete the files or not (default yes) 
 /recurse | /norecurse - recurse down directories or not (default no) 
 /path PATH - set the path to work in (defaults to PWD)
 NB for the contents of a directory leave a trailing \, for example:
 C:\Windows\ would check INSIDE the Windows directory but C:\Windows would
 just check that folder name itself.
saidel /noprompt /delete /recurse /path C:\
 Would delete suspicious files recursively on C: without prompting
There is also an undocumented switch /debug which will display debug output - useful if something is going wrong or to post to the forum.


Support Forum - post any problems here and I will get back to you

Licence & Copyright

saidel is © Copyright 2009 PurplePixie Systems and all rights are reserved.

The software is provided on an "as-is" basis without warranty or liability of any kind under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) (version 3 or later at your discretion).

Errata & Bugs

These should be reported via a post on the support forum.

saidel © Copyright 2009 PurplePixie Systems, all rights reserved, licenced under the GNU GPL. Bugs, errata and comments should be posted to the forum.