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The PHP DNS Query is a GPL set of PHP classes providing a direct domain name service API. Originally developed to be a testing module for the FreeNATS network monitor I decided to package it up as a standalone API as well.

Although there are plenty of other DNS classes/clients out there I found them to either be too overblown or actually non-functional. This API is intended to be a half-way house offering direct to-server queries, the ability to process the response in detail but still with a simple interface for the programmer.

Documentation & Support

Usage Guide - using the DNS API

Technical Documentation - for reference and development

Support Forum - post any problems here and I will get back to you

Licence & Copyright

The PHP DNS Query API is © Copyright 2008-2014 PurplePixie Systems and all rights are reserved.

The software is provided on an "as-is" basis without warranty or liability of any kind under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) (version 3 or later at your discretion).

Errata & Bugs

These should be reported via a post on the support forum.

phpdns © Copyright 2008-2014 PurplePixie Systems, all rights reserved, licenced under the GNU GPL. Bugs, errata and comments should be posted to the forum.