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myrug is a tool to enable schema updates in MySQL databases without loosing data. For more detail on the problem this solves click here.

Download: myrug-3.tar.gz - myrug version 3

Using myrug

To use the web interface simply install on your PHP capable web server and browse to the directory.

CLI Usage

(This is designed for and works under linux shell but there is no reason why you can't use it under Win32 directly as a PHP file)

Usage: [options] database

Where options are as follows:

--username=X | -u=X     Set username (default root)
--password=X | -p=X     Set password (default blank)
--host=X | -h=X         Connect to host (default
--table=X | -t=X        Table name (can use % wildcard)
database                Database to connect to

--primarykey | --noprimarykey
  Turns on or off PRIMARY KEY queries (default on)

--createindex | --nocreateindex
  Turns on or off CREATE INDEX queries (default on)

--createfield | --createfield
  Turns on or off new field queries (default on)

--alterfield | --noalterfield
  Turns on or off update field queries (default on)

--optimize | --nooptimize
  Turns on or off OPTIMIZE TABLE queries (default off)

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