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A PHP Script to automate MySQL table checking and repairing from the command-line.

When run myrep will go through all the tables in a database checking and/or repairing them as specified in the options.

 php myrep.php [options] -d database

 Command Options:

 -r --repair      Do a repair if required or not checked
 -n --nocheck     Don't check just do a repair (if -r is set)
 -w --warnings    Repair tables with warnings (ignored if -n is set)
 -u --username X  Login with username of X
 -p --password X  Login with password of X
 -s --server X    Connect to server X
 -d --database X  Use database X (required)
For each option a quick and long option can be used interchangeable i.e. -r and --repair are the same.

Defaults: username root, password blank, server, check yes, repair on warnings no, repair no.

myrep will loop through all the tables in a database, checking them (unless --nocheck is set) and reporting status to the screen. After checking (if --repair is set) the table will be repaired if it contains errors (or has warnings and --warnings is set).

If --nocheck and --repair are set then all tables will be repaired as their status has not been determined.

 php myrep.php -u someuser -p secret -s somehost -d somedb
Will connect to the MySQL server somehost as someuser:secret and check all the tables in somedb. No repairs will be attempted regardless of the outcome (as --repair is not set).

 php myrep.php -w -r -d somedb
Will connect to the default server ( with default credentials (root with blank password), check the tables in somedb and repair them if an error or warnings are found.

 php myrep.php -r -d somedb
The same as above but will only repair tables with errors (no repair just for warnings)

 php myrep.php -n -r -d somedb
Repair all tables in somedb without checking status first


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