DOAP - Remote Abstract Data Access Protocol by Dave

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DOAP (Dave's Own Access Protocol) is a PHP/JavaScript system to facilitate easy data exchange between a JavaScript client and a PHP server.

This allows PHP functions to be in effect called remotely from JavaScript. The DOAP client will package the request and send it to the server. The DOAP server will unpack the request, process it (calling whichever function is specified with the parameters provided), package up the result and return it. The client will then unpack the results, put them into native JavaScript dynamic data types or Array objects and return them the calling script.

High-Level Framework Overview

Client (Web Browser)

Server (Web Server)

User Client Script

DOAP Client

DOAP Server

User Server Script

Initialise DOAP   
Build Parameters   
call URL/Request  
 Make XMLHTTP RequestInitialiseRegister Functions
  Unpack Request 
  Process RequestExecute Function
   Return Data
  Package Returned Data 
 Receive Returned DataReturn Data 
 Unpack Received Data  
Receive DataReturn Data  

Why use DOAP?

DOAP offers a simpler alternative than coding your own XMLHTTP request creators/handlers.

There are of course a number of frameworks and libraries allowing simplified ease of data access but DOAP cuts down the work required to interface data between JavaScript and PHP to just a few simple settings and method calls.


For the client any JavaScript enabled browser supporting XMLHTTP will do (though asynchronous requests in DOAP don't work with IE<=6).

The server just needs to be a PHP-enabled web server.

DOAP comes bundled with xmlCreate which is required by the system to build return data (xmlCreate is also licenced under the GNU GPL v3). Please be sure to use the version of xmlCreate that ships with the specific version of DOAP you are using.

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