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DDG (DaveDataGram) was originally an attempt to play with some low level networking communications and network event handling under Linux. The actual DDG element was a protocol I was working on for NASRA that never truly panned out though work is ongoing.

Whilst working on the packet-side of the system, I ran some BSD socket trials. I wrote a simple little webserver with BSD sockets and my limited knowledge - which crashed on the server with regularity (note I say crashed on rather than crashed the... obvious, I'm running Linux). Anyway - someone pointed out what a truly shit webserver I had created and an idea was formed.

Using the very poor original DDG code for TCP/IP, why not write a range or thoroughly pointless (eg already successfully in existance) applications, that are of little or no use. To this end, I have released the very earliest Alpha of my DDG webserver (DDGHTTPd). This thoroughly unconfigurable and buggy software serves files from the 'data' directory (with varying degress of success). This website is not served from the DDG server, I (obviously) am using Apache, but I would like to encourage everybody else to use the DDG server...

My next project (if the webserver ever becomes stablish) is to write an SMTP mail program to replace sendmail. Obviously it will be as unconfiguraeble as DDG webserver, I will continue to use sendmail, and DDGmail will probably require sendmail to be installed to actually perform the deliveries.... ;o).

I can see some humor in this, so I don't care.