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* COOKIES: Using Cookies with the Wrapper *


Cookies are a method of asking the client to persist data to
the web server. You should be familiar with the rudimentary
basics of cookies and how they operate.

The CGI Wrapper can both read and write cookies. To set a
cookie you can call the global (not a member of the CGI Wrapper
object) function SetCookie(const char *name, const char* value)

Please note that a cookie will only be provided by the client
for the next page requested - it will *not* be available in the
cookie list as soon as it is set (to the same instantiation).

Cookies are provided to the Web Server by the client and from
the Web Server to the CGI in the HTTP_COOKIE environment

You can load the cookies into the list using the LoadCookie


CGI One:

printf("Content-type: text/html\n\n");
printf("<html><a href=two.cgi>click</a></html>");

CGI Two:

CGI_Interface *CGI=new CGI_Interface();
printf("Content-type: text/html\n\n");
delete CGI;

Would set the cookies in the first CGI and then display
MyCookie and OtherCookie in the second. Please note that
owing to the way cookies and then the StringLoad mechanism
work the LAST cookie value set/received will be valid, so
in this instance:

1: MyCookie: goodbye
2: OtherCookie: somevalue

Should be displayed by CGI 2.

You may wish to keep Cookie and "Normal" (manually persisted
or locally passed) data in seperate lists. This allows you
to identify what comes from where, not have input values
over-riding cookie values and not outputting the cookie values
every time you do a QueryDump or HiddenDump.


CGI_Interface *CGI=new CGI_Interface();
CGI_Interface *Cookie=new CGI_Interface();

Would easily allow this. If you then want to, you can still
output both lists from a Dump function.

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