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* COMPILATION: Compiling the Wrapper Into Your Code *


You can include the wrapper into your project very simply one
of two ways. The most common method is to simply include the
entire source code and compile it with your application each

You can accomplish this by having the two files:

cgi_interface.cpp and

In your project directory and including the .cpp file with

#include "cgi_interface.cpp"

Somewhere near the top of your main program code. This, as I
have stated, will then cause the CGI_Interface system to be
compiled with your project.

This will work and most sensible compilers will skip most of
their checks on these files when they are not modified. The
files are quite small anyway and don't take much time to

On newer versions of GCC you may have to use the stdc++ library
at compile time by adding the -lstdcc++ switch.

A slightly quicker and perhaps neater option is to pre-compile
the CGI_Wrapper into object code, include just the .h file
and pass the object to the compiler on the command line. I'm
not sure how to do this on your fancy-ass windoze compilers
but here's how to do it under gcc:

First, in the src directory of the cgi_wrapper download you
need to compile the .cpp file into object code with:

$ gcc -lstdcc++ -c cgi_wrapper.cpp -o cgi_wrapper.o

Missing the -c flag will attempt to make gcc build an executable
which will fail as there is no entry point.

Now, move the cgi_wrapper.h and .o files into your development
directory. You will need to include the .h file somewhere near
the top of your main program file. Use the wrapper as normal.
When compiling your project you will now need to link to the
pre-built cgi_wrapper object or you will get fatal Unresolved
External errors at the link stage. Under gcc this would be:

$ gcc -lstdc++ MyProject.cpp cgi_wrapper.o -o MyProject

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