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* CHANGES: Change Log for CGI Wrapper *


1.00: First Beta Release

1.01: First Stable Release
* Moved over to using Set() rather than Add() in the
AutoLoad() method.
* Small BugFixes/Tweaks Various

1.01 - 1.45 Development Versions

2.00: Version 2 Final Development Version/Beta Test
* Implementation of HiddenDump() Method

2.01: Development Version

2.02: Version 2 Stable Release
* Implementation of GetDump() Method

2.03: Version 2 Stable Release with BugFix
* Plus (+) GetDump() Method URL Encode Bug
where plus sign not encoded so was read as
a space fixed.

2.04 Development Version
* Initial Implementation of ReturnValidPointer

2.05 Version 2 Stable Release with Added Features
* Full Implementation of ReturnValidPointer

2.06 Beta-Test of New Features/Semi-Stable Release
* First implementation of Cookie support

2.07 BugFix RVP Release
* Fixed ReturnValidPointer Bug
* Tested new features in 2.06 and stable for
inclusion but not use (semi-stable still for

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